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Fechko Excavating is licensed and certified to install underground fire suppression lines & public utilities in the in the State of Ohio.

We have installed more than 100 miles of waterline in sizes up to 48” in diameter and our sewer crews are highly skilled in deep and complex installations, including entry into permitted, confined spaces. We have an extensive history of working with concrete, ductile iron, and PVC sewer pipe, while operating in an extremely broad range of soil conditions.

This combination of experience and expertise means added value, especially when field engineering is necessary. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our insight during the initial design phase of underground utilities development.



Our experienced dirt crews employ state of the art GPS technology to ensure every grade is properly established and meets plan specifications.

Each piece of land is unique, making site evaluation crucial. Use of GPS equipment allows the ability to perform a topographic survey that is fast and accurate, prior to beginning construction. We verify the planned grades and validate the material volume, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming re-work.

The use of the latest technology results in an accurate plan, a balanced site, a streamlined operation yielding increased production, and greater value for our clients.



Fechko Excavating is a full service professional land surveying firm serving the State of Ohio. We specialize in ALTA/ACSM surveys, boundary surveys, topographic and title surveys. Our distinguished list of survey customers include developers, public and private utilities, engineers, attorneys, general contractors and title companies.

We offer construction layout services for all projects, creating an efficient and seamless process for customers from layout to as-built. With a combined total of more than 50 years of surveying experience, and being outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, our field crews can meet any land survey challenge.



Fechko Excavating added concrete crushing to our listing of offered services in 2008. Our crushing and demoliton crews recycle concrete into LEED certified aggregate to be used for road compaction, structural fill and pipe bedding.



Properly installing and maintaining effective erosion controls is crucial in preventing water pollution and soil loss. Our dedicated erosion control crew is ready with the necessary equipment to install and maintain silt fence, inlet protection and perform temporary & permanent seeding.



Fechko Excavating continually seeks to expand its services in order to allow a seamless transition in the construction process. In keeping with this initiative; soil stabilization and paving are offered as value added services to our clients.



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